A Brief History in Writing

I have always felt the need to write and feel peace within the act of writing. When I was nine years old, I began writing mystery stories and plays based on the board game Clue. I often enlisted my cousins and friends to perform these yarns for our family. I participated as writer, director, actor, set, and costume designer. I felt a sense of satisfaction inventing stories from my own mind. I regularly looked through the obituary columns in the newspaper for unusual names to spark my many character profiles such as arrogant English detectives, crazy family murderers or reluctant witnesses.

I continued to write until I was about 12. At that time I wrote to help diffuse my feelings of anger, fear, and anxiety during my parentís divorce. Shortly after this period I stopped writing, except for school projects and journaling.

It wasn’t until I reached my early thirties that I began to write again, this time fiction short stories and poems. Eventually I began writing about my own life, which is primarily what I do today.

No matter how long the gaps have been, all roads have led me back to writing.

Read Tic Tac Trauma from Emerge 2010


Writing Resume

  • January to May 2011 The Vancouver Manuscript Intensive with Betsy Warland

Simon Fraser University

  • January to December 2010 The Writer’s Studio Certificate Program
  • September to December 2009 Fiction Series for the Weekend Student. Instructor: Caroline Adderson
  • July 23, 2005 attended the Symposium on the Novel: the Role of Character
  • 2002 to 2004 completed the Certificate for Technical Communications

Langara College

  • February and March 2009 Discover the Writer Within. Instructor: Darilynn Rank
  • 1997 to 1999 completed the Certificate for Media Writing & Communications
  • 1996 Creative Short Story Writing. Instructor: Wayne Decal
  • 1996 The Courage to Craft. Instructor: Dale Adams-Segal

Miscellaneous Writing Endeavours

  • July 2011 to present Co-host of The Writer’s Studio Reading Series with Esmeralda Cabral
  • January 2011 to present attend a monthly writing group
  • May 2011 read at the Vancouver Cultch
  • October 2010 read at the Vancouver International Writer’s Festival
  • April to October 2009 The Beachcombers writing group
  • The International 3-Day Novel Writing Contest Labour Day Weekend 1997, 1998, and 1999

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